6 best SEO plugins

Best SEO Plugins To Rank Your Website Top On Google

Best SEO Plugins can help you claim the #1 ranking on Google. SEO which refers to Search Engine Optimization is one of the most critical aspects of Marketing, which helps your website to be more visible on a Search Engine result page, therefore increasing the probability of people will visiting the site, and also helps the user to get a relevant search.

Every business or website owner wants their website to be on the top of the Google. Because it gains increased traffic to their sites and also potential sales for there business. 

Top-6 Best SEO Plugins

Yoast SEO Premium – One of the best SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO Premium has more than 4.5 million downloads on an average. Also it is considered as one of the best SEO plugins in all aspects. It takes care of every technical optimization required and is equipped with a wide variety of features which makes it very easy and handy to use,

Let’s have a look at its key features which include

Snippet preview: This allows us to see how the page looks like in search results.

Internal linking: This feature alone saves a lot of time, and also ensures that your blog is organized.

Page Analysis: This feature checks the length of the text, the use of proper keywords, etc..

Bread crumbs: It is one of the extraordinary features which develops easy navigation for both Users and Search Engine.

Redirect Manager: When you are working on your website sometimes it happens that you have to move your pages or change your URLs, the complication may arise when you are not properly redirecting your old URLs with new ones. So to combat all the hassle redirect manager helps you fix those.


If you want to speed up your website then WP Rocket Pro is that kind of a plugin which you should be looking for. It delivers amazing results with very little effort.

The exact use of plugin is because when traffic flow increases on your website lots of data gets back and forth. This results in slow loading of the website and it happens especially when you are using a low budget hosting. So, When you install WP Rocket on your website, which is hosting on WP Engine, WP Rocket’s page caching feature automatically disables. Because WP Engine already includes a caching system which creates an ultra-fast load time.


You tend to increase the number of pages on your website. As you keep on developing it, you may find it difficult to keep a track of them all. So to simply installing a Seo Plugin named broken link checker which does the work for you. 

All you need to do is enter the URL and click on check, it proceeds with the request and redirects any broken links.


Structured data provides information about the webpage to the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and others so that they can understand about the web page. It is one of the best SEO plugins you can use the structured data components many times in a post.

A few of the components which can be used are FAQ’S, Job postings, event-related data, about a course, data feed, product, all of this can be posted in a simple post. Its an open-source Plugin software and easy to use.


IT is a best SEO Plugin that enables the users to create schema markups i.e; structured data without writing a single line of code. For any people who own a business or a website can use this Schema pro plugin which enables the user to choose between the elements such as Local business, article, products, Recipes, course, event which suits your business/ website better


Imagify is a word press plugin we use mainly to optimize images. If you have a lot of unoptimized images by using this plugin you can optimize all of the images at once in a bulk. It  also resizes the images so that you need not resize the image before uploading it makes the task easier for you. However, it has a restore option which comes in handy when you have unsatisfaction with the optimization the plugin does for you. It is a must-try plugin to compress your images.

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