Advanced Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad

Marketing is all about your relationship together with your customers and the way you connect with them. Today, any sort of marketing that exists online is termed Digital Marketing. And it’s one of the foremost powerful aspects of running a business today. Digital Marketing is a way that helps us to connect with our current customers through search engines, websites, social media, mobile apps, videos, etc… 

Digital Marketing is in huge demand. Therefore, the search for “Digital Marketing Course” is growing in demand. However, it is yet to become an ordinary subject for students at the graduate level. Because it is the subject that upgrades your skills and leaves you in a world having plenty of opportunities. Hence, we at Sree Media believe that Digital Marketing is just not a course but much more than that!

Moreover, the Pandemic has compelled businesses to showcase their products and services online. It sounds good to hear that if COVID has underlined anything to organisations and businesses, it’s the importance of Digital Marketing and the role it plays in current and future as well. Due to the spread of COVID-19, the marketing budgets are reduced. And this is why, Digital Marketing will still dominate.


Digital Marketing Modules

Digital marketing Introduction

Content Marketing

Blogging Setup
& Training

Youtube Marketing& SEO


Search Engine

Search Engine

Social Media Marketing

Email Marketing



Online Reputation Management



Why You should Learn Digital marketing Course?

Want to get proper leads for your Business? Then you should be aware of Search Engine Optimization for your website to improve ROI, Pay-Per-Click techniques to generate leads and Social Media Marketing to engage the audience. Hence, being the ever green field, this course will help you in cracking interviews with better pay. At the same time, helps business owners and freelancers to set a path for their businesses. 

Online Digital Marketing Course at Sree Media will help you understand the core concepts of SEO like On-Page and Off-Page optimization, Link Building, Local SEO, Search Ads, Display Ads, Mobile Ads, Marketing of Social Media Channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Quora, Email Marketing. Similarly, Inbound Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Affiliate Marketing, Freelance Business, YouTube Monetization and more…

What proves us as the Best Digital Marketing Course in Hyderabad?

In this fast-growing world, it is very important to keep updated with the latest skills. Moreover, in this evolving technology new skills are being developed in the market. Are you the one thinking of getting digitalized or if you are digitaloid, then Digital Marketing Course is the best option for you. 

Our Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad gives an in-depth knowledge on Digital Marketing tools through a live website. Moreover, our Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad depends upon the methodology of learning real-time such as hands-on practise through a live website, creating ad campaigns and running ads with a budget. Moreover, our participants learn to create the best Marketing Strategy using channels like Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing, YouTube Marketing, Email Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing, similarly, Google ads to create traffic to the website. 

Therefore, our Digital Marketing Training Institute in Hyderabad aims to engage the audience, connect with the customers, and drive traffic. Moreover, our Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad, teaches you all the Digital Marketing Modules from the core like- what it is? How does it work? How can you utilize it better? 

After the course, you will learn how to create a website using wordpress, create content, using of Digital Marketing tools. Furthermore, as a Digital Marketing expert you will be creating high-standard Marketing campaigns.

Moreover, Online Digital Marketing Course at Sree Media will help you in

  • Understanding the in-depth digital marketing functions such as Tools, Paid Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Inbound Marketing, and web analytics. 
  • Learning through live website, running paid Ads and 10+ Global certifications
  • Effective online training with support to business people, freelancers, bloggers and placement support to students.  
  • Makes you confident in planning, managing and implementing.
  • Leadership skills to lead Digital Marketing Teams

The best way to learn Digital Marketing Course

Somehow, every part of our lives is being influenced by digital technologies. Moreover, many organisations are using marketing through online platforms and social media to grow their brand value. Hence, the demand for digital marketers has increased day by day and also created a lot of new opportunities. 

  • Join the best Digital Marketing Training institute that teaches practical experience. 
  • Attend industry networking events like seminars, webinars, etc.
  • Get a Digital Marketing Internship
  • Start research and go through the blogs related to your topics.
  • Keep updated as per the industry.
  • Do not forget to keep learning and practicing

“Sree Media Academy” offers the best Digital Marketing training in Hyderabad with practical knowledge over live projects along with placement support.

Benefits of learning Digital Marketing course from Sree Media.

  • 30+ Modules
  • Access to paid tools
  • Multiple Live projects 
  • Additional Assignments
  • Group Discussions/Debates
  • Free Live Webinars
  • 11+ certifications
  • 6 months of student’s support
  • Resume Building
  • 100% placement assistance


  • Body Language
  • Public speaking skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Preparing proposals
  • Project Management
  • Crisis Management

Moreover, Sree Media benefits you with strong hand-holding with dedicated support and encouragement to help you become an expert in the subject.

Learning Support

  • A dedicated effective Mentors are allocated to each student so as to ensure the progress.
  • Timely doubt resolution by experts
  • Effective practical learning through live projects.
  • Regular live sessions to clarify doubts.

Trainer Profile of Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad

Our Trainers monitor the students throughout the sessions and provide them with complete freedom to help them explore the subject. Also, our success mentors help the candidates in completing live projects and similarly prepare them for interview. 

  • More than 9+ years of experience. 
  • High-standard theoretical knowledge along with practical examples.
  • Hands-on live projects along with regular classes
  • Trained more than 1500+ students in a year
  • Well connected with HRs in MNCs.
  • Advanced teaching skills with expert subject knowledge 
  • Updated with real-world industry applications.

Who should learn Digital Marketing Course

Freshers/ students/ Graduates

If you are the one who is pursuing your education or just graduated and are you the one

  • Looking to learn the new and latest skill
  • Fond of Digital world
  • Want to explore your creative side and stand out

Then Digital Marketing Course is the right choice for you. Because, this is the field which is ever evolving and creative. Similarly, it has great scope and job opportunities in the Market.

Business Owners

Are you an Entrepreneur or Business owner, striving to drive business?

Did you lose your Business due to COVID? 

Looking for different ways to reach your audience? 

Then Digital Marketing is not only the best option, but also a cost-effective method. Digital Marketing Course will help you understand the strategy and online platforms to elevate your business. Also, equips you with the ability to manage your business on your own.

Marketing Professionals

Today, Digital Marketing has become the main strategy for many organisations. Hence, if you are the one who wants to promote advertising, brand management or social media promotions you need to have an in-depth knowledge of Digital Marketing. Here is why!

  • To generate more sales and leads
  • Include Digital Marketing as your Marketing strategy 
  • To maintain the Digital Marketing Team
  • To maintain the Online Brand Reputation
  • And execute effective online strategies

Working Professionals

If you are a working professional who wants to shift in your career then Digital Marketing is the best course for you. Because, it challenges you 

  • To explore your creative side 
  • To update your skills
  • Never makes you stop learning

Bloggers / Vloggers

If you are Blogger/Vlogger then you already know the power of Digital platforms. And the one who wants to become a blogger/vlogger then Digital Marketing is an effective online medium to reach people easily. 

Our Digital Marketing Course in Hyderabad helps you to understand the effective use of digital platforms to drive engagement and create engaging content. 

Digital Marketing Exams and Certifications

Sree Media Academy provides the certification after completion of Theoretical and Practical session to all our Participants. Along with the course completion certification you can also acquire google certifications after the course. This puts weightage to your resume and helps you in getting leading job roles.

Scope and Job Opportunity of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has various fields like SEO, SEM, SMM, SMO, Google Adwords, Content Marketing and more. Therefore, every field has its own importance and has its own job opportunity. 

However, Digital Marketing has been growing day by day. Besides this, the pandemic is also a major pillar that increased the demand of digital marketing. Many organisations are shifting their marketing strategy to online and using digital platforms to connect with their customers and increase their brand value. 

Coming to the pay scale of Digital Marketing, Freshers who completed the course can get hired by the companies with a salary package of 3-4 lakhs per annum. Individuals with 2-4 years experience can be offered 5-10 lakhs per annum in MNCs. Afterwards, we would like to convey to you that a Digital Marketing Career can never let you feel regret. Because, Digital Marketing is an ocean of in-depth subjects. Hence, one who never stops to learn and practise and keep updated with latest technologies will definitely reach heights in their career. So it’s your time to enroll for placement oriented Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad with Sree Media. 

Sree Media offers not only Classroom Training for Digital Marketing Course but also Online. For the Students, Business Owners, professionals and Employees, who are suffering with travelling long distances and can’t spare time for their interested course, Sree Media offers Online Digital Marketing Course for their flexibility. And this Online Training will be as effective as Classroom Training with Live projects. Sree Media’s Online Classes will be live and one to one. 

This Online Digital Marketing Training will help you expertise in the top domains – Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Email Marketing, Content Creation, Google Analytics, Google Adsense. Transform yourself into a Digital Marketing Expert with Sree Media’s Advanced Course, Live projects and Latest tools.

Course curriculum

1.Intro To Digital Marketing

  • Differences between Digital Marketing & Traditional Marketing?
  • What is digital marketing? 
  • Digital marketing Modules?
  • Career Opportunities and designations?
  • Things to do to become a successful digital marketer? 
  • Why Companies hire digital marketers?

2.WordPress Setup

  • Domain Purchase 
  • Selecting the right Hosting?
  • Installation of WordPress 
  • Adding the contents like text, image, and video.
  • On-page Seo Plugins like Yoast SEO and rank math.
  • Page builder explanation – Elementor.
  • How to select a right theme for your business ?

3. Search Engine Optimization

  • On-Page Seo 
  • Off-page Seo
  • Technical Seo 
  • Mobile Seo 
  • E-commerce Seo

4.Google Ads

  • Google network?
  • Campaign Types?
  • Google Ads Account Creation?
  • Search Campaign
  • Display Campaign
  • Shopping ads
  • Video Ads ( Youtube Ads)
  • Pricing modules
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Re-marketing
  • Ad Creation and types of advertisements
  • Offline Tool ( Google ads Editor tool)

5.Facebook Marketing

  • Introduction to FaceBook
  • How does FB work?
  • FaceBook Algorithms
  • FaceBook organic strategy
  • Business page creation
  • Page setting and publishing
  • Social media content creation
  • Business page promotion
  • Facebook Ads
  • FaceBook Ad manager 
  • Ad campaign creation 
  • Types of campaigns
  • Targeting options
  • Custom audience creation
  • Lookalike Audience Creation
  • Ad copies and bidding options
  • Creating effective Ad copies
  • Lead generation
  • Facebook insights


  • LinkedIn Professional Network
  • Profile creation
  • Importance of LinkedIn for professionals
  • Optimization
  • LinkedIn Business page
  • LinkedIn advertisement

7. Instagram Marketing

  • Introduction to Instagram
  • Importance of Instagram for business
  • Instagram posting
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Instagram Ads

8. Twitter

  • Importance of Twitter for brand recognition
  • Twitter management
  • Online Reputation Management in Twitter
  • Disaster Management
  • Twitter Advertisements
  • Tweet Deck Application 

9. Youtube Marketing

  • Introduction to YouTube Marketing
  • YouTube channel creation 
  • Video Advertisement
  • Video content creation
  • YouTube Marketing strategy
  • SEO for YouTube
  • Video Optimization
  • YouTube Analytics
  • Tools Explination

10. Email Marketing

  • Intro To Email Marketing 
  • Email marketing tools 
  • Mail Chimp and Gmass
  • Email List Creation 

11. Online Reputation Management

  • Introduction to ORM
  • Tools For ORM
  • Negative Reviews Handling 

Digital Marketing Course Highlights

Modules Covered

30+ Modules covered In Advanced Digital Marketing Programme

Top Instructors

10+ industry Experts in multiple domains are available

Paid Tools

5+ Digital Marketing paid & free covered in SMDC Programm

Live projects

3+ Live projects and Paid Campaigns

Case Studies

15+ Top Industry Base Case Studies helps students


11+ Digital Marketing Certifications


Assignments on various domains

Dedicated mentor

Dedicated mentor for all Students

Tools Covered

Course Certificates

Learn Advanced
Digital Marketing Course From Industry Experts

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