How to write better SEO title and meta Description?

How to write better SEO Title and Meta Description?

Title and meta description are two separate pieces of HTML code that is found on every page of the internet. They must be unique and make sure they are not too short or too long. The use of accurate keyword phrases for each page and not stuffing keywords too much, are the simple rules to follow. However, the well-written title and meta descriptions drag more traffic to your website. 

Therefore, the google shortens or truncates a majority of page titles and meta descriptions. This happens due to the lack of understanding about how Google Search engine pages work. So writing a user-friendly and tricky title and meta description is important. Since the ages, we are stemmed with the same old-belief that google considers character limits of “70” for title and “160”

What is Page Title?

A page title is a text in a single line that you can see in search engines, when bookmarking a page and on a tab on your browser. These are usually a short description of a linked page. However, there are not many rules regarding the length of page titles. But the title should be in between 65 to 70 characters including spaces. More than that length of titles is shortened by Google. 

The page title of HTML Code looks like

<title>This is a title</title>

For example;

<title>what is the importance of page title and meta description for SEO?</title>

What is meta description?

Meta Description is the short description of the page. It summarises the content when you click on the page link on SERPs. The meta descriptions of 160 character limit look appealing. 

Like page titles, meta descriptions are also written in HTML code

The meta description tag looks like

<meta name=”description” content=”This is a meta description of a page”>

For example; 

<meta name=”description” content=”Learn how to write meta titles and meta descriptions, to increase your click-through rate from Google’s search results pages”>

The importance of page title for SEO

Title gives users a quick perception about the content on a web page. This is the primary piece of information that attracts the user where to click on the search engine pages. This is why “TITLE” is the important part of SEO. So, try to maintain a descriptive and unique title. 

Tips to create tricky titles

  • Maintain a brief and descriptive title which is relevant to the content on your web pages. 
  • Do not repeat the same keywords multiple times.
  • Do not repeat titles.

The importance of Meta Description? 

The meta description provides a brief summary about the content on the web page. Search engine also uses meta description of page in search results snippets which appear below the page title. 

Tips for creating meta description

  • Initially, every page of your website must have a meta description.
  • Create high-standard descriptions which describe your page exactly. 
  • Each page of your site should consider different meta descriptions.

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