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On-Page SEO Checklist in Digital Marketing

On-page SEO is the process of optimizing web pages and make them rank at the top of the search engine and creating website traffic. To rank the website on the top of the search engine we also need the help of other SEO types with On-page SEO. We should follow some rules or checklists to make it so attractive. Here we are giving some tips to use an on-page SEO checklist and make rank your website in search engines.

On-Page SEO Checklist:

1.         Targeting Keywords

2.          Content

3.          Title, Header, Meta description

4.          Image alternate text

5.          Internal links

6.          External links

7.          Page load speed

8.          Mobile friendly

9.          URL Structure

Targeting Keywords:

While writing the content we should use some keywords relating to the content or theme of the content. Sometimes, we should use the keywords according to the audience search. Keywords play a major role in the on-page SEO checklist. If we do not use them correctly then it will not show on the top of the search engines. Keyword density should be more. We should use a keyword at least 4-5 times in the content. We have many types of keywords like Seasonal, Evergreen, Geo-targeted, and Trending, etc. Use Keywords according to the topic and SEO we are doing for the topic. We should use the primary keyword at least in one of the subheadings. Use the primary keyword in the first and last paragraph of the content.


The content we write should be creative and original. It should not be copied from other sites; if we copy the content from any other site then search engines will not accept the content. The content should be simple and understandable to the audience. We should always create the best content than the current ranking content. Our content should create and increase sales. The content we create should be useful to the reader/user. The content should consist minimum of 300 words and up to 1000 words.

Title, Header, Meta description:

We should use keywords while writing the Title, Subheadings, and Meta description. For helping the search engine to identify we must give H1 tags for Title and H2 tags for subheadings. In Meta description we should write content relevant to the topic, it should be attractive and give the total view of the content. Meta description consists of only 160 characters. These three are very important while uploading the content because they create the first impression to the user to enter the website. So we should be very careful while giving the title and Meta description to the content.

Image alternate text:

We should add related images to the content. Sometimes images give more information than the content. These images create interest to the audience to open and read the content. So there should be at least one image in the content. We should name the image with the content title while uploading it. We should add the content title with a graphic on the image. Image size is also very important it should not be so large or so small. If the image is so small then no one can understand it. If the image is large then it will take so much time to load. So we should compress the image according to the size we want to display on the page.

Internal links:

In the On-page SEO checklist, we use internal links to improve search visibility. Internal links are added to some words or phrases related to the content. Search engines will identify when we add internal links. These links help us to reach other pages. If we add these links users easily reach our pages and know better about the content we are writing.

External links:

If you don’t want your user to leave the website then you add these links. Set these external links to open in a new window so that website remains open when the user temporarily closes it. This link helps us to reach users when they are visiting similar websites. External links are very important to increase the size of the audience.

Mobile friendly:

Now a day’s everyone is using mobiles instead of Computers and laptops, so our websites or apps should be mobile-friendly. The content we add should be available on mobile phones. If the SEO is not mobile-friendly then we may lose the audience. Mobile-friendly is important in the on-page SEO checklist as it makes our website or pages perform well on all mobile devices.

Page load speed:

When we search for the page in the search engine it should show the page quickly. Information on the page should be related to the topic. If we use unnecessary or irrelevant content on the page, then the page will take more time to load the user will not show interest in following our website. Images in pages should not take more time to load.

URL Structure:

URL (Uniform Resource Locater) is more commonly known as a web address. It should be small and relevant to the content. It should contain the primary keyword. There should not be any special characters or unnecessary words. We use URL structure in the on-page SEO checklist because everyone shares the content through it.

To make better SEO we have some On-page SEO checklist tools like UBER Suggest, SEMRUSH, Small SEO tools, and many more .

UBER Suggest:

Uber suggest site helps us to analyze the keywords and to know which keywords generate more traffic to our website. It helps in rectifying SEO errors on our website. Uber Suggest helps in analyzing the website and suggests where we are lagging and what we need to fix to increase the speed of the website. It improves the SEO and makes the website rank on the top of the search engines.

Small SEO tools:

smallseotools mainly help when we are uploading an article. Plagiarism Checker tells us whether the content is unique or copied. So it helps us to always maintain uniqueness in our content. Article Rewriter will rewrite the article and gives new look to old articles.

The paraphrasing tool helps in changing the phrases in the article you write to look best. Like there are different tools to make our work easy and maintain it in a unique way. 

Keywords and content play a major role in the On-page SEO checklist. While uploading the articles and before doing SEO to pages we should check the readability of the content.

We should make sure not to have any spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Follow all On-page SEO checklists mentioned above to maintain good rankings in the search engines. In Online we have different tools for SEO. We can use them to improve our website.

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