Marketing is done through digital media like the internet, websites, social media, blogs, etc is known as digital marketing. As of now, 70% of the Indian population is using the internet. Some surveys say usage of the internet and social media is more in India when compared to the US & UK. In India usage of the internet and social media is increasing irrespective of age, gender, location, etc. For the past 5 years, in India it is rapidly growing.

 Until 2010, Companies are not ready to change from traditional marketing tactics.  But now almost 90% of Indian brands are spending 15% of their marketing budget on digital ways. By this, we can say that there are many opportunities to choose digital marketing as a career in India

Career Opportunities for Digital Marketing in India:

There are various career opportunities in this field. If you have a love for coding then you can choose web designing or web development. You are interested in writing then you can choose content writer as your career. There are some other career opportunities in digital marketing like SEO Analyst, Social media Marketer, You tuber, Affiliate marketer, etc.

You can work as a freelancer or can earn by working from home by choosing this as a career if you are an expert in using social media.

Here we are briefing about some career opportunities in digital marketing.

Web designer / Web developer:

Website is the primary marketing tool for any company. It speaks about a company and gives information about it. People will think or decide about a company or its product by visiting the website. To maintain a good website we need a website developer. To be a web developer one should be good in website developing tools and should have a clear knowledge about web developing languages like HTML, Java script, PHP, etc.

SEO Analyst:  

SEO Analyst is one of the best career opportunities in this field. SEO people are responsible for creating website traffic by improving Google rankings for a website. These people should optimize web pages according to search engines. One can work as a freelancer and undertake online assignments.

Content Writer:

Content Writer should have a good command of the language it should not be like book writing. The content writer should coordinate with the SEO team and create trending content. Keyword research is the main part of this profile. This profile has huge demand in India. You can work as a freelancer.

Social Media Marketer:

Social media marketing is nothing that promotes the companies and their products through social media. If you want to start your career as a social media marketer then you should know how to handle social media websites. You should promote by running ads through Google ads, Facebook, youtube, etc.

Digital Marketing Manager:

Digital Marketing Manager should be an expert in all the profiles in digital marketing and should guide the team in the right way. Simply he/she is the head of the department.

These are the main profiles which has huge demand presently. Coming to salaries as a fresher we can get from 12k to 15k depending upon the company and location you are working. If you have experience then salaries may vary according to it.

By 2030, marketing through digital media will increase than traditional marketing. We can say digital marketing in India will have a huge demand and career opportunities are also increasing.

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