Best social media marketing books to read in2021


We all know the fact that digital marketing has created a drastic change in the field of marketing. Everyone is likely to opt for digital marketing instead of traditional marketing. While opting for this we should have some knowledge of it. One of the best ways to learn social media marketing is through books. Also, reading social media marketing books is the easiest & affordable way for everyone to learn about it.

These books will be helpful to all types of people who want to become social media marketers and small business owners, etc. This list of books will give you an everlasting experience while learning social media marketing.

Top-8 Social Media Marketing Books

1. Social Media Marketing Workbook: How to use Social Media for Business (updated version) – By Jason Mc Donald 

This book was written in the year 2016 but it is constantly updating. The best part of this book is it is suitable for both social media marketers and small business owners. It is just like a beginner’s guide. The Author explained clearly explained how to create social media strategies for your brand by using Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.

The best part of this book is to make people understand author used the example of the party host metaphor throughout the book. This means that social media marketing managers are party throwers and should supply all elements (content, promotional ads, social media websites) needed for the party (social strategy).

2. 500  Social media marketing tips: Essential Advice, Hints, and Strategy for business – By Andrew Macarthy

This book is very helpful for practical usage. This book teaches you how to create brand awareness, attract more customers, and achieve your business goals. Also, this book consists of hundreds of actionable strategies or tips to develop your brand through social media websites like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

3. The Lead Machine: The Small Business Guide to Digital Marketing – By Rich Brooks

This book is best for small business owners. It teaches you how to create traffic for your website. It also helps to increase ranking for your pages and place the top of the leading search engines. Also, helps you in converting a normal visitor to loyal customers. This social media marketing book is appropriate for people who recently started marketing their business through social media websites.

4. Content Mavericks: How to Grow your Business with insanely shareable content – By Andrew Pickering & Peter Gartland

Content Mavericks is one of the best social media marketing books to read for marketing managers. It has 7 step processes to make your content highly qualitative. Also, it teaches how to reach our great content to the audience in an entertaining and informative way. This leads to creating more website traffic and producing sales.

5. Socialnomics: How Social Media Transforms the way we live and do Business – By Erik Qualman

This is the best social media marketing book for business people. It teaches how to create a market for your business in social media. As well as this book tells the power of social media to increase your business and connect to the customers directly. Also, it helps you to understand the social media connection between your day-to-day life and business. And, the book aims to teach you how social media helps you cut marketing costs, increase sales volume, and direct interaction with customers.

6. Everybody Writes: Your Go-to Guide to Creating Ridiculously good content – By Ann Handley

In the present world, content plays a crucial role. Anyone will write but how relative and connective content you write is important. This book tells you how engaging content you should write. As we all know the fact that “Content is King” in this online world. So, this is the best social media marketing book for content writers.

7. Crushing It: How Great Entrepreneurs Build their Business & Influence – And How You can too – By Gary Vaynerchuck

This book inspires you and teaches new lessons. He gave experiences of many entrepreneurs and influencers how rejected typical life for pursuing their dreams and build extraordinary personal brands and booming businesses. In this book, the author describes marketing strategies for social media platforms. So that anyone can easily understand from a normal person to a professional. It is the best social media marketing book to learn marketing techniques easily.

8. The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users – By Guy Kawasaki

It is one of the best social media marketing books for beginners. Here Author explained from starting the social media profile to creating website traffic. Also, this book contains many powerful tips which help you practically. The main aim of the author is anyone can use these tips to generate more business and wealth through social media

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