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Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

Machines have been useful for humans for more than some hundred years now. Today, no single business on the planet can run without the help of machines. But the best perk of using a machine is its ability to do the thing you want to on your order. artificial intelligence in digital marketing plays very important role for research and analytics.

But machines are starting to grow and become more than mere tools at the disposal of humans. Artificial intelligence is a type of functionality in machines that allows them to perform cognitive thinking and decide what task to do by itself and even come to logical conclusions, similar to human intelligence.

To put it in a straight way, artificial intelligence allows a machine to think, respond, and act accordingly, after getting the information that it needs to think about. The decision that it comes to is based on the several algorithms that are programmed in its system.

You can see AI changing the face of the world these days. Mostly all the companies in the whole world are getting accurate marketing results with the help of this AI software.

Roles of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing World

The various uses of artificial intelligence are making it the star product to use for companies like Amazon, Shopify, etc. for increasing their marketing horizons and sale profits as well. Below are some roles that Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing world.

1. Data gathering, recognition, and analysis

No matter the business type, handing the CRM department is as important as producing the main product or providing the main service of the company. AI can be your best friend in creating a better workflow for your CRM department by increasing the efficiency of data gathering, getting accurate insights, along targeting the required audience according to their need.

The data that the AI inputs in itself from the user are things such as what products someone prefers to use, what videos do they like to see, which online shopping platform do they use the most, etc. which helps the system make an analysis and hence, a prediction on it. This can help an AI help your business in increasing reach as well as its sales based on these analytical predictions.

2. AR and VR

Augmented reality, as well as virtual reality, are two terms that are gaining a lot of hype in recent years due to the unique experience that they provide. An AI can help any business in increasing its sales by outsourcing its brand identity to AR and VR platforms for increasing its brand awareness.

3. Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most famous forms of marketing. It is done when a marketer wants to market their company’s product or service by attracting new customers with the help of their email content. These emails are personalized and created for a specific customers based on their specific needs.

But AI saves your day in this case and provides you with the ease of not having to create personalized emails for all your customers as this system can do it for you with the help of its ability to target a certain audience based on their preferences.

4. Providing Customer Services

Chart bots are gaining more popularity in the world of human connection every day. Their algorithm allows them to take all the essential information from your client and then pass that info to the related department head. It is way cheaper than outsourcing to an HRM service provider or employing manual labor by yourself.

5. Digital advertising

Have you ever googled something and then seen advertisements of it or things related to it in all the apps on your phone? This is because of the Google AdSense adapted Artificial Intelligence, which allows the users to get a better user experience. This AI analyzes all the permitted information on your phone, such as the searches you made, the apps that you use the most, the people that you follow the most, etc.

Some of the leading market examples

TO prove the efficiency of AI and its importance in the industry of digital marketing, let’s talk about some of the companies that use Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing to expand there business potentials.

1. Lenskart

The AI of Lenskart allows its user to take a trial as to how their preferred frame would look on them by taking all of their facials in its system and then forming an image around the frame with its algorithm.


IKEA is a marketing name in itself and is the best place for anyone to buy their home furniture from. The latest IKEA AI allows the user to see how a certain piece of furniture would look around their home.

3. Google

If you have ever made any search on google, then you have used its Rankbrain Algorithm AI. Its main function is to provide the user with the next suggestion based on your previous searches.

Perks of using Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing

Some of the major perks of using AI for digital marketing are:

1. Better HRM

Chatbots made with the use of Artificial Intelligence and good encryption can allow your company to grow out of its shell by reducing the human labor and the human errors caused by it while reducing the company’s expenditure and increasing the company’s profit percentage.

2. Better user experience

To lure a client into buying something off of your site, whether it be a service or a product, you need to provide it with an order window that appeals to your client. With the use of Artificial Intelligence, you can program windows in such a way that it appeals to the buyer by enhancing their buyer experience.

3. Advertising benefits

Advertisements are the basic parts of a company’s marketing campaign and a marketing campaign is only considered as successful when it reaches the right kind of audience, an audience that pays. But to find such an audience, usually, you need to find a data analyst that can analyze your sales data and make a proper assumption. But this is not the case with an Artificial Intelligence, as an AI can read a lot more data than a human and for a lot faster with better efficiency rates. Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing helps advertisement very narrow and cost effective.

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