reasons why most SEO strategies fail

5 Reasons Why Most SEO Strategies Fail

If you are unfamiliar with Search Engine Optimization, you should learn more about incorporating it into your marketing and advertising tactics. It is a tool that can assist you in increasing online traffic to your website and ensuring that your website ranks well in search engines. It is, nevertheless, a potent approach and procedure. Because of the high need for website development, many consumers seek SEO consulting services from experts. These SEO consultation service providers are aware of the SEO strategies that may be used to improve the ranking of websites.

Perhaps you have no idea why your website’s rating is falling, or you are aware of the issue and have begun working on enhancing your website’s search engine optimization with no obvious effects. So, now is the time to take a break and investigate the reasons why your website’s SEO is failing. This blog will go through in detail the five reasons why most SEO strategies fail which makes a great impact on your website’s rating.

1. No proper quality content:

Quality content is essential for a high website rating, however many individuals overlook this fact in favor of quantity. As a result, the content is occasionally irrelevant and unoriginal. Always keep in mind that your website viewers will provide value to quality content, and it is one of those crucial methods for high ranking, so make sure that your content is innovative and catches your viewer’s interest. Creating quality content is not difficult; all it takes is time to study and proofread your content. Another cause of low-quality content is grammatical errors. If visitors discover those silly errors on your website, they will not return.

2. Keywords strategies:

Incorrect Keyword: Another common mistake that causes you to lose page ranking is failing to select the appropriate keyword for your website. So take your time choosing a keyword first.

Keywords that are frequently used: It is no longer necessary to repeat keywords in your article. Its frequent use may make it irrelevant to the topic. So try to use it in the first few paragraphs and no more than two or three times.

Keywords not thoroughly researched: A well-researched keyword improves the chances of the website ranking. However, the majority of people make blunders here. They do not thoroughly research the keyword and hence lose a viewer.

3. Content’s low word count:

Another reason for failure is the content’s low word count. The typical page limit should be 600 to 700, which is helpful for SEO. However, webpages with less than 400 words are not deemed favorable and do not rank high in search engines. However, if you Google the best word count for SEO, you will get a plethora of varied results. On the internet, there is no set word restriction. So, if you’re puzzled about the word limit, my advice is to generate content that adheres to the word limit while focusing more on generating quality content.

4. Not properly well-structured website:

A well-structured website is critical for SEO. Viewers are drawn in by well-structured visuals, font style, font size, photos, videos, and colors. As a result, if viewers encounter broken images and slow site speed difficulties, they will leave your website quickly. The average amount of time a viewer should spend on your website to improve its rating is ten minutes, and Google ranks those websites far higher than other competitive websites. Also, your website should not be overly complex, making it difficult for your viewers to understand it at first. It should be simple to use and operate.

5. Structured links that are incorrect:

It is a great strategy for building internal links on your website. However, make certain that the links you are constructing are natural and relevant to your website. Irrelevant and spammy links might affect your website. Google penalized people who were found to have a manipulative connection. Additionally, linking with hundreds of other links is a bad strategy that you should avoid.


These are some of the errors and reasons why most of the SEO strategies make, regardless of how hard they try. When your SEO campaign fails, it’s natural to feel frustrated, which is why SEO agencies may help relieve the stress of reoptimizing your website. Most SEO agencies include consultancy, content creation, keyword research, backlink generation, and other services making them an excellent choice for saving time. Sree Media provides SEO Services in Vijayawada and works with over 50 SEO clients. Search engine optimization is the foundation of any digital marketing plan that establishes your online presence.

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