Impact of digital marketing on consumer behaviour

Impact of Digital Marketing On Consumer Behavior

The field of digital marketing is growing at around 22 percent per year across the world. With the rapid growth of online shopping and digital marketing at the heart of its growth, we thought it was a good idea to think about the changes in social and consumer habits. And the impact of digital marketing on consumer behavior changes the peoples purchasing way.

Take a look as we look at 8 fundamental changes in behavior that have transformed the typical consumer into a digital native. First, let’s look at the beginning.

What can History reveal about the changing consumer behavior?

When we consider the past of mankind every new invention or technological advancement has improved society.

While printing was in use for at least 5,000 years prior to humankind The creation of printing presses in the 15th century by Johannes Gutenberg changed consumer behavior for the better. Newspapers were the first to put the ability to reach hundreds of people into the fingertips of companies. Manufacturers of the time we’re able to advertise in newspapers to influence and alter the behavior of consumers. Knowing that newspapers have continued to influence consumer behavior up in the present, it only proves their efficacy.

Similar to what was observed when commercial radio was introduced in the 1920s and 1910s. Radio stations, despite being an official monopoly during the past, we’re able to find firms willing to pay for the broadcast of their ads.

The same is true for TV, which has influenced customers to a brand new level, as did films. The way that celebrities and cine stars engage in activities or use products significantly influenced consumers’ behavior.

In our time, digital marketing which was previously called Internet marketing is now doing exactly the same. But, digital marketing is transforming consumer behavior in a way that is in a way that is unlike what was previously seen via radio, newspapers television, cinema, or even radio. Also, offline advertising methods like hoardings on the road and display.

With Internet growth and accessibility of low-cost devices that can access the internet access across the globe Here are a few ways online marketing has evolved and continues to affect the behavior of consumers.

Effects of Digital Marketing as well as Ecommerce on the behavior of consumers

If you’re a consumer, take a close look at your purchasing and spending patterns. You’ll surely observe a marked shift in these compared to the past two decades when online marketing was only beginning to emerge. Here are some impacts of digital marketing on consumer behavior:

Access to global markets

Unless it’s prohibited in your nation, digital marketing allows consumers access to the products of markets across the globe. It’s now simple to purchase everything from nearly every nation or continent with an easy click of a mouse or tapping the display of your smartphone. If you aren’t able to access it in your area, VPN services will allow you to access content that’s Geo-blocked.

This is why we’re witnessing an increasing number of people deciding to purchase high-end or exclusive imported items that were not readily available prior to. Thus, consumers now have an appetite for imported goods and, in the majority of cases refined tastes that are associated with purchasing expensive goods from abroad.And its the one of the impact of digital marketing on consumer Behavior

Real-time analysis of the products

A significant shift in the way consumers shop is evident when we examine how customers research a product prior to making a purchase. It doesn’t matter if it’s a basic bathing soap or a costly electronic item, a greater amount of people are now looking at what’s good and bad about everything via blogs, reviews on online shopping sites, manufacturer websites, and social networks. It’s not something people were doing as recently as three decades back.

Research and studies conducted by digital marketing firms show that at the very least 80 percent of customers browse blogs as well as reviews in the initial phase of the buying process. The goal of this research is to make an educated decision and get the most price for their money.

So, no business could afford to overlook digital marketing and its impact on customers. If their product or service is rated with negative or unfavorable reviews they are aware that their product will not perform well on the market. So, they design products that will eventually receive favorable and positive reviews, to ensure that social media and blogs could influence the consumer’s behavior by swaying the balance to their favor.

Shopping baskets from anywhere at any time

Marketing via digital provides consumers with the possibility of purchasing various products from a variety of sources using online shopping. They offer hundreds of online shopping websites to purchase anything for less or at a significant discount using coupons. Therefore, the loyalties to one brand or retailer have been diluted.

Marketing via email Tweets, Facebook posts in Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest advertisements, as well as ads that appear while surfing the Internet ensure that a user is updated on the latest options and costs. With Google AdSense, there’s no shortage of these targeted ads that are dependent on the browsing history of the user.

In reality, consumers and sellers have a lot of options with regard to online stores to make purchases. Marketing affiliates, mostly journalists and marketers write honest and exemplary reviews that can influence customers and help them make immediate purchases using affiliate hyperlinks.

In addition, we also have merchants and crafters of all sorts selling their products through Facebook Marketplace, Facebook pages as well as online marketplaces like Etsy and Shopify. Therefore, consumers aren’t limited to a single choice and can choose from a variety of ways to purchase the same product.

Discount mindset grows

In the past, people would search for deals. Due to the advent of digital marketing and the increasing awareness of products that are cheaper in other places, online retailers are racing of offering deals on nearly every item. For instance, grocery stores like Walmart, Target, and Giant to mention some, provide coupons that can be printed or on the internet or promotional discounts on certain days for particular items.

Customers who shop using Amazon, eBay, and other sites will see that every cost on the internet comes with a slight discount. Take a look at this situation in comparison to earlier ones, where consumers had to negotiate with store owners or salespeople to get some Dollars off the retail price.

Marketing via email through FOMO

Email marketing, a crucial aspect of digital marketing can allow consumers to remain informed and connected to their favorite vendors even while traveling overseas. They don’t need to go to an actual store to find out about the latest launches or price changes. Instead, they get this information easily delivered via email.

So, customers do not have to worry about missing the latest sale, offer, or a new launch. They can instead make orders right away. Marketing via email lets customers click an interactive link and purchase.

Rare is the loyalty of customers to a single company.

Therefore, we see a lot of online retailers offering substantial discounts and freebies to keep this loyalty among customers. Finding a loyal customer is harder for any online retailer or brick-and-mortar store, whether offline or online more than at any other time. This is why sellers are offering loyalty points for every dollar that the consumer spends. The points can be used for cash at the time of paying to make future purchases. We also offer cashback deals.

A classic example of a loyalty program can be found in Amazon Prime. For a nominal annual fee, Amazon Prime enables shoppers to avail themselves of a myriad of advantages, such as delivery for free and quicker and priority shopping for certain products, free music and movies, and many more. This has led to a shift in consumer habits. Every consumer wants value-added features as well as spending. The loyalty of customer is the great example of the impact of digital marketing on consumer behavior.

Monthly installments and credit are used to finance purchases

An important aspect that is a crucial aspect of online marketing and its influence on the behavior of consumers can be seen in purchasing patterns. In the past, consumers couldn’t buy everything they needed on credit or enjoy the option of making payments later on their purchases without credit cards. The advent of digital marketing has changed this situation for the good.

The desire to please consumers online is forcing sellers to provide ease of purchasing by offering equal monthly Installments (EMIs) as well as other services. In certain cases, sellers also offer credit cards with no interest as well as EMI plans. This encourages consumers to buy immediately instead of putting off the purchase until an undetermined date.

Pennies and surveys for every thought

This is the best to show the impact of digital marketing on consumer behavior, Ask any person if they would have gone on the internet to search for and fill out online surveys a few years ago. I’m sure the answer would’ve been a resounding “no”.

In the wake of digital marketing, all companies are now in fierce competition to get a leg over their competitors by creating and launching new products and using marketing technology. In order to do this, they need consumer feedback. Therefore, they offer online surveys aimed at consumers that are created by using software like the quiz program. People are eager to take part in online surveys and write reviews about products as market research firms reward them by offering cash or free shopping coupons from the top brands.

Make sure you are prepared for more changes

It’s true that these 8 changes barely scratch the surface of the changes in consumer behavior. We’ll be on the lookout for the many changes to come and the impact of digital marketing in consumer behavior is high.

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