how to choose a better domain name

How to choose a better domain name

It should go without saying that the success of your internet business greatly depends on your domain name. When so many other individuals are working in the same industry as you, picking a unique domain name might be challenging. It’s useful to be aware of the various elements that affect the success or failure of your website by understanding how to choose a better domain name.

A company’s domain name serves as a predictor of its likelihood of success. Success is driven by the website itself. The worth of that website skyrockets once it begins to appear in Google SERPs for search phrases related to the sector. It is quite beneficial to link social media pages to websites. To understand how to choose a better domain name for your business the following key points must be kept in mind and must be taken into practice.


It should go without saying that if you want to develop a brand, your domain name, and business name should be similar. This does not imply that your company’s domain name should be the company’s name. However, you must make sure that your company name matches your domain if you want to develop a brand.

  • Keep it short

Pick a phrase that is precise, memorable, and powerful. Many experts recommend keeping your domain name to 15 characters or less. Aim for between 6 and 14 characters to keep it even shorter. People are more likely to remember and spell the name correctly when they type it into the URL bar if it is shorter.

  • Choose between, .net, extensions

The most well-liked and strongly suggested extension to use is “.com.” You can select a domain name extension, .net, while creating it. The top-level domain extensions “.com,” “.net,” “org,” and “.edu” are often listed in that order. In doubt, stick with “.com.”  as it is used by almost 50% of domains.  People will naturally type “.com” at the end of a URL search without even thinking about it. Choose another domain name extension, such as “.net ” or “.org,” if it isn’t available.

  • Use keywords and words specific to your niche.

Keywords have a crucial role. Utilizing particular word types in both the content and name of your website can make it easier for customers to locate you. Your domain name should contain a unique, brief term that tells the search engine what your site is about. As a result, when consumers search for your category of goods or services, you will appear higher in the search results.

  • Stay away from abbreviations and fancy names

When you use abbreviations like “4u” or “2in1,” the user could be unsure of whether to spell it out or use numbers. These names for businesses come to seem as unprofessional. Avoid trying to spell anything cleverly or making anything overly complex. Less is more and bolder is better when choosing a domain name.

  • Unique and Simple to Remember specifically

Distinctive brand names are memorable and stand out from the competition. Don’t use too many difficult words or hyphens. This also applies to websites with double-letter domains, such as Users will inevitably misspell your domain name as a result of this. Spend some time investigating other blogs and websites in your niche while looking for specific brandable names. Make sure the name you select is unique from that of your competitors.

  • Spend time researching

Once you’ve selected a domain name, you should check various search engines and social media networks to determine whether any other businesses are using your name. Without a website, a social media presence with a business name on it occasionally has a sizable following. You may make a few minor changes to the name you’ve picked.

  • Take a long-term view

When choosing a strong website name, provide an opportunity for expansion. Consider the long-term while making decisions. Your brand should be able to draw customers that are interested in a wider specialty if you want your business to expand.

  • Protect Domain Privacy 

After registering a domain name, you’ll need to have enough privacy protection. Regardless of the e-commerce hosting service you choose, a WHOIS database, which is a list of all domain names, contains all of your personal information. You must invest in a reliable privacy protection plan if you want to safeguard your information and maintain consumer privacy.


Instant Domain Search- Domain Name Generator is an excellent tool for finding creative domain name suggestions if you already have a domain name in mind for your website. In case the selected name is already taken, offer alternatives. If you are keen on keeping the original name, you can use links to find out who the domain name’s owner is and place a bid. Best for coming up with a domain name for an online marketplace.

  • Domain Wheel

Another fantastic domain name resource that can help you come up with great domain name concepts is Domain Wheel. They also incorporate names that are associated with your search, appear nearby, fit your query, and other exciting concepts into their search.

  • Shopify Domain Name Generator

As the name suggests, this platform was built by Shopify, one of the internet’s most well-known and effective e-commerce platforms. In terms of functionality, here you can find out what suggestions the generator has for you by simply typing in a keyword.

  • Panabee

Some people find Panabee attractive because of its visual attractiveness. It also provides you with a selection of words that are related, which could lead you to a different route. This tool also has a feature that looks up social media usernames on Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

  • Lean Domain Search

The most reliable way to find your website’s domain name is with Lean Domain Search. You can start with a single term and then look through the Lean Domain Search to find potential domain names. This is the perfect resource to use if you require some fresh, important ideas for an entire domain.


Your success will depend on the domain name you select. It’s crucial to be aware that it can be challenging to change your mind about a name later on. You must consider your options carefully to make the best choice. “Sree Media is one of the top digital marketing training and services agencies in Vijayawada, assisting clients and companies in achieving marketing objectives.”

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